The koala is of great significance in Aboriginal culture and art. It has always been an important figure in Aboriginal songs, dreamtime stories, myths, legends and totems. For instance, some ancient Aboriginal stories describe the koala’s importance in the supply and safeguarding of water; while some others say that koalas have power to cause rain; but if disrespected and neglected, to cause severe droughts. Maybe the recent broad-scale drought we have been facing results from our disrespect to koalas, as well as to nature in a more general sense. It is time seriously to think of our activities resulting in climate change and pose significant threats to life on earth.

Colo is composed of animation frames randomly selected to create a seamless generative animation. It is an interactive artwork using an integrated sensor. When one’s presence is detected, the koala reacts to it. For instance, if the koala is sleeping, he will wake up and start looking and waving at the viewer.

Additional information
ARTIST David Dessens
SERIES Continent Series
DIMENSIONS 65" (81 × 144 cm)
EDITION 8 + 2ap + 2p
MATERIALS Screen, Software, Hardware
PRICE $55.000
YEAR 2022