The panda is one of the most adored, rare and protected animals in the world. Though it was once facing a genuine threat of extinction, its population has fortunately been rising as a result of decade-long efforts. In today’s popular imagination, the panda is still associated with solitude, mystery, vulnerability and the close danger of extinction. One of its connotations is thus, wildlife conservation and protection of animal rights. However, the meanings of pandas were quite different in ancient Chinese culture and politics. Many Chinese emperors throughout different dynasties in the distant past considered pandas in relation to dignity, rareness and uniqueness, strength and bravery, courtesy, victory, good fortune, peace, and so on. China has also used pandas as a symbol of peace and goodwill in its diplomatic relations with other countries.

In his latest digital artwork, David Dessens presents this unique, enigmatic and precious creature, namely the panda, in an eccentric sense: Yin and Yang. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the Yin and Yang describe the two opposite forces: good and evil; positive and negative; light and dark; war and peace; fire and water, and the like. Dessens’ this artwork depicts this universal duality that exists in every aspect of life and nature in the form of a panda. Similar to the most known representation of the Yin and Yang, which is a half-black and half-white circle regarding both the dichotomy and interconnection of the two forces, the panda, with its black and white body, as well as with its nature both fragile and robust, both tranquil and resilient, is a demonstration of balance and harmony, of the Yin and Yang.

Additional information
ARTIST David Dessens
SERIES Continent Series
EDITION 8 + 2ap + 2p
MATERIALS Screen, Software, Hardware
PRICE $55000
YEAR 2022