Catharina van de Ven: a royal conversation at ‘Beeldreflecties’

On May 8th 2018, Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix (former queen of The Netherlands) opened the exhibition: ‘Image reflections, The Dutch Society of Sculptors 100 years later’, in honour of the 100-year jubilee of the Society. In this exhibition 100 sculptures from 100 different sculptors, 100 members from the Society are shown. Umano, the work of Catharina van de Ven is amongst the featured sculptures.

The selection of the signal images was focused on tipping moments in the segregation and quality, regardless of whether the maker was once a member of the Society. For example, the Dutch Society of Sculptors also shows its openness to the outside. It is not only focused on the work of its own members, but actively thinks about what it perceives in sculpture. The Society does not have its own sculptural program and does not occupy a preferred position, but rather bases its admission policy on diversity and quality. These two criteria now have the opportunity to come to light.

The Dutch Society of Sculptors (NKvB) is a national association with about 150 members.
Founded in 1918 as an interest group for sculptors, the association strives to increase interest in three-dimensional art in and outside the Netherlands and to promote mutual contacts between working artists. The NKvB is committed to the interests of Dutch sculpture, the spatial arts, and that of the Society’s members in particular.

Design Miami/Basel Curio | Booth #C06

June 12 – 17 | 2018

Hall 1 Süd, Messe Basel, Switzerland

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design presents Baby Shimmer installation by Dominic Harris

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design presents the experimental Baby Shimmer installation by Dominic Harris. Referencing some of the techniques Harris employed in his earlier, smaller-scale works, this immersive presentation is a physical amplification of his fascination with the role of the audience and their interaction with color, light, and movement.

By stepping into the installation, one becomes surrounded by an infinite reach of the crisp Baby Shimmer objects. The color-shifting volumes of light respond to the movement of each viewer. In an era in which our lives are becoming increasingly digitized, the ultra-lowresolution pixilation of shifting color presented here harks back to simpler times of less resolution and lower fidelity. Harris describes this phenomenon as “low fidelity, high granularity,” but realizes it with his characteristic precision of manufacture coupled with his obsession with viewer engagement.

Priveekollektie represents internationally recognized artists and designers and provides young and upcoming talents with a platform for showing their exceptional collectible design and art pieces. Key in the collection is the combination of contemporary art and collectible design and the crossing of the fine line between both disciplines.



If So, What? | Priveekollektie in Silicon Valley

If So,What? is a new art and design destination that will bring together leaders in the fields of art, design, music, and innovation to create immersive experiences for visitors. On view from 26th to 29th April 2018 in Silicon Valley, California, the inaugural event will feature an international roster of art and design galleries, cutting edge innovation projects, and some of the best music of today. If So,What? is inspired by the vision to create new and exciting ways for people to engage with art and design, and was founded to celebrate the transformative power of art and culture to connect global creative communities.

Find out more at art fair’s official If So, What?.

If So, What? 2018 | Booth #106

Dominic Harris

Group Exhibition | Spring Opening

Priveekollektie celebrates spring with group exhibition in Heusden

Priveekollektie brings traditional concept and material together in their most contemporary version by our recognized international artists with a Spring Group Exhibition.

With the exhibition, Priveekollektie focuses on the combination of contemporary art and collectible design and the crossing of the fine line between both disciplines. The works of Carolina Wilcke (NL), Catharina van de Ven (NL), Dominic Harris (UK), Peter Macapia (USA), Reinier Bosch (NL), Roderick Vos (NL), Salustiano (ES) and Vincenzo Marsiglia (IT ) are presented side by side.

In addition, the museological project ‘Pyramids of Makkum‘ by Royal Tichelaar Makkum with designs by Jurgen Bey, Studio Job, Hella Jongerius and Alexander Slobbe is featured. The inspiration for the project, the traditional flower pyramid, is also presented in Heusden.